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Sample work | Best candid wedding photographer in India

If you are here, you are most probably assessing our work. Let us help you with that. To give you an idea, our photography style is based on creating real images; images which have real moments, show real emotions because reality is much more beautiful than fabrication. Our photography is not about trends. So if you are here looking for trendy images, sorry to disappoint you. If you want your wedding photographer to have a strong focus on moments, emotions, family and expect your photography team to be thoroughly professional with deliverables and timelines, you are at the right place.

Our photography editing style is balanced contrast & punchy colors. We like rich colors but not over saturated. Being Indian, we absolutely love colors and riot of colors however we do love black and white images as well. Although our decision to keep an image in color or black and white is solely driven by the fact whether the image looks best in color OR in black and white.

This page contains images that ‘WE’ (Shutterink Photography) created during wedding assignments. All images are copyright of Shutterink Photography LLP. Please explicit seek for permission ( before using or sharing any images.

Like our work? Let’s get in touch by clicking here or you can opt to give us a call at +91 855 885 8017, +91 988 808 5575, OR you can email us at Shutterink is rated among top 100 wedding photographers in the world at ISPWP and 100 best wedding photographers in the world by Fearlessphotographers and ‘Best of the Best of 2018‘ by Junebug weddings.

Wedding images / Slideshows

Kritie + George: Destination wedding in Samode Palace, Jaipur

Kritie and George hosted an inter-cultural Christian & Hindu double wedding in the beautiful Samode palace in Jaipur. It was an amazing two days of wedding. Both the families were super humble and down to earth. We had absolutely wonderful time working the families.

Tags: Inter culture, Christian + Hindu wedding, destination wedding, Samode palace wedding.

Photography: This is a good fit for couples who like strong on emotions images, real moments, real photographs. Click here to see their full wedding images.

Cinematography: Emotional and happy go lucky.

Arunima + Shitij: Destination wedding in Pushkar

Two day destination wedding in Pushkar Rajasthan. Event schedule: Day Mehndi followed by evening cocktail cum ring ceremony followed by after party. Day 2 started with Haldi, followed by night wedding. Click here to see their blog post.

Photography : Couples who are looking for natural looking images (even in portraits); good emotional images.

Cinematography: Fun themed with strong emotions.

Shivani + Devesh: Delhi Wedding

As beautiful as it can get. Two childhood sweetheart, the ifs and buts, yes’s and No’s, break ups, patch ups, separation and elopement. A couple who has seen it all. They say, you are a sum of all your life experiences and that is what makes you unique; every story unique.

Tags: Hindu wedding, Delhi wedding, Night wedding.

Photography: Delhi wedding, with good friend circle, lots of dancing.

Cinematography: Fun oriented and real.

Nidhi + Mithun: Destination wedding in Goa

Sometimes it is just meant to be! Our belief in it is now stronger than ever. Be it how Mithun and Nidhi found soulmates in each other or be it them hiring us. To add to it, a bangalore based family, a south indian destination wedding in Goa, Delhi based photographers and guests coming from all over the world. It couldn’t have been more diversified than this.

Three days of celebrations in Alila Diwa, Goa was super fun. Goa weather made sure that everyone remains on their toes. We pushed ourselves more than we ever did and we absolutely loved it.

Click here to see their full wedding images.

Keywords: South Indian wedding, Shetty wedding, bant wedding, Destination wedding, Alila Diva Goa, Goa wedding.

Antara + Atish: Destination wedding in Chennai

Atish found us over internet; he saw our work and decided to give us a ring. Both Atish and Antara hail from Chennai and were hosting their destination wedding in Chennai itself. So the idea hiring their photography team from northern part of the country must have been a interesting itself surely requiring some convincing skills. After discussions over few calls and in-person meeting in Delhi we were pretty sure that we wanted to cover their wedding. Atish, Antara both felt very comfortable with us. The decision was made over next few days and we were super excited for our first ever destination wedding in Chennai.

What can we say about the wedding! Fun, fun, and full of fun! Their friend circle was incredible. The mehndi event was all about the friends going crazy and then it moved to night sangeet. We don’t think, that often, we see bride’s parents being the most energetic lads on the dance floor. The party ran till early morning. Followed by some hide and seek with rain gods. Though that definitely helped with weather. When you get to know that Antara is the only girl child in the family, you understand that the family must have raised with so much love. Being parents ourselves (with a daughter), we do feel it. This definitely makes us feel more connected to Antara, & the family.

Keywords: Chennai wedding, fun filled wedding, lots of friend circle, expressive.

Sukarma + Tushar: Destination wedding in Jaipur

One day sagan event in Delhi followed up by three day destination wedding in JW Mariott, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Photography style: Balanced, high energy.

Cinematography: Soft, & talkative.

Like our work? Let’s get in touch by clicking here or you can opt to give us a call at +91 855 885 8017, +91 988 808 5575, OR you can email us at Shutterink is rated among top 100 wedding photographers in the world at ISPWP and 100 best wedding photographers in the world by Fearlessphotographers and Best of the Best of 2018 by Junebug weddings.