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SNEAK PEAK: Divya + Ankit

SNEAK PEAK: Divya + Ankit

Divya contacted Shutterink through Joshua Karthik (from Stories). This was second instance in last season where we were recommend by fellow photographers to their friends and family. Though it feels amazing but it also means that we have to push ourselves a little more. After few rounds of discussions, Divya and us were convinced that we were a right fit for their wedding. Divya and Ankit hosted their three day destination wedding in Manesar, ‘The heritage village’. Though the start of celebrations was a little bumpy with Ankit’s flight getting delayed resulting into cancellation of couple shoot. However everything else went smoothly with everyone coming together to create a beautiful wedding.

The three day destination wedding in Manesar was super fun. It was hosted from Dec 13th to 15th, 2018. Seven events were planned over these three days; made sure that we were on our toes all the time. Divya and Ankit both let us in, into their real self; no portrayal of somebody else. They expressed their emotions and we absolutely loved it. Special thanks to Tini & Nikki for always listening to us and for making sure that everything runs smoothly when and where required.

Divya on Shutterink:

Working with Nitin and his team is very easy and super professional. They are like a breeze in the middle of all the big wedding chaos. From the time I started interacting with them on May 18 and all the way to the post-production and delivery of my final videos and images, working with them was pretty smooth and a lot of fun. Nitin was always approachable and was ready to hear me out and take my suggestions, sometimes even after the final deliverables were made. Their work is fantastic and they made us look picture perfect. I love their style of photography and videography and I am very happy with my results. I feel they are not just any other wedding photographers and strive to maintain their identity. If someone is looking for extremely talented, professional and no-nonsense wedding photographers, then Shutterink is someone they should definitely consider.

Here is a sneak peak of few images from their wedding. Hope you all love it.

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Vendor details

Location: The heritage village resort, Manesar.

MUA: Tejasvini Chander (@tejasvinichandermakeup)

Photography: Shutterink (

Cinematography: Shutterink (






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Like our work? Let’s get in touch by clicking here or you can opt to give us a call at +91 855 885 8017, +91 988 808 5575, OR you can email us at Shutterink is rated among Top 10 wedding photographers in the world 2018-19 by Fearlessphotographers, Top 5 wedding photographers in Asia for 2020 by Fearlessphotographers, top 35 wedding photographers in the world 2018-2019 at ISPWP and Best of the Best of 2018 by Junebug weddings.

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