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Best wedding photographers in India

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About Shutterink

Shutterink has been rated as the best candid wedding photographers in India as  10 best wedding photographers in the world by, In addition, for 2018, we are in Top 25 best wedding photographers in the world by ISPWP‘; and rated Best of the Best of 2018 by Junebug weddings. Shutterink is also Category Winner for best wedding photographer of the year 2017 and nominee for 2018 & 2015 awards. In addition Shutterink has also been listed among the best wedding photographers in India, Best wedding photographers in Delhi, Best candid wedding photographers in Delhi & in India, best destination wedding photographers in India, best candid wedding photographers by various publications.

We are Delhi & Chandigarh based wedding photography and cinematography company. We specialize in destination weddings. We are a professional team lead by founders Sandeep Mohan and Nitin Dangwal. We believe that weddings are once in a lifetime and is among the few rare occasions when all the near and dear ones get together. We have an extreme focus towards capturing real moments and real emotions through a very friendly approach.

All images, text, videos are copyrighted, 2019 Shutterink Photography LLP.

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What our clients have to say about us

Shivani Gupta

Thank you for creating all the beautiful memories

In every wedding, it is a primary focus to be able to capture the highlights, to be able to look back and feel the exact same feeling you felt on your special day. Of course, most of these moments come candid and you need someone with the very skill to be able to capture those beautiful moments. This is the photography angle. For Devesh (my hubsy) and me, we had another very important criteria to shortlist our wedding Photographer - Story narration. Not trying to be cliché like every other lovestruck couple in the world, but we already have a pretty darn incredible story, but had no idea how to narrate our journey. Enter ShutterInk. They were the best decision we made in the wedding! So warm, yet professional. For them, the story narration was as important as it was to us. Check out the teaser to judge for yourself ! The candid pics were outstanding ( and believe me, I'm not that photogenic ) . Each pic taken was a superb amalgamation of candid & essence of the moment. Weddings can be crazy with no time to spare for couple pictures. They ensured to kidnap us before each event and got some really amazing shots. Thank you Nitin And Sandeep along with the entire team. You guys stole our hearts with the Pictures and the wedding Movie 😍

To all the folks considering ShutterInk for their wedding, here are a few reasons why you should choose them :
1) AMAZING at candid photography and videography
2) All deliverables will reach you within the promised timelines
3) They make you feel so comfortable around the camera
4) Super sweet and accommodating. Will not give up till everything is as per your complete satisfaction

I can really go on and on, but I'm sure you get the point :)

@ShutterInk - You guys are doing such great work. Thank you for creating all the beautiful memories for Devesh and me. Lots of love and good wishes.

Shivani Gupta, Bride, Gurugram


We loved them!

We had worked with Sandeep & Nitin during our pre-shoot and we fell in love with the way they work. They not only made us feel very comfortable but also our friends and family. All our guests were amazed by the efforts of their entire team. They asked us to just be ourselves and got every moment captured beautifully. They are truly a thorough professional.

Agrima Agrahari, Bride.


Our vision captured in a stunning way

From the moment we met Nitin & Sandeep we knew we'd have a laugh on our couples shoot in Agra. They made planning the trip from London easy.

As a photographer myself, I'm not a fan of having my picture taken but the lads at Shutterink made my fiance and I feel at ease, they adapted to the bad weather and never once made us feel rushed.

We'd put a lot of thought behind what we wanted and on the day Nitin & Sandeep were happy to try some of our ideas as well as bringing their own style to the images. They were patient and fun to spend the day with, my fiance and I had a lovely time.

When we received the images back, we were simply blown away. The photographs were polished and will certainly never feel dated. We couldn't be happier with the final outcome and thanks to Nitin & Sandeep, our vision was captured in a stunning way!

Neil & Riddhi, UK


This feeling is amazing!

When I realized I was going to have my wedding in India, my first concern was finding the right photographer who would capture my wedding the way I wanted. Secondly, it was important to us as a couple to be captured the way we are, and not what one would perceive a couple to be. Nitin and Sandeep constantly listened to the many ideas we had, and made us feel comfortable during our shoots and wedding. We weren’t forced to conform with an idea that they had, rather, they so easily worked with us to make our ideas and suggestions a reality. This comfort level that we shared with them is expressed through our amazing pictures. One example of how professional Nitin and Sandeep are is from our pre-shot day. We only had the one day to take our pre-shots, and Nitin and Sandeep did everything they could to make them perfect. At first, the weather was very humid and then, later, it began to rain very hard. Being the awesome photographers they are, they were able to take some great shots despite the crazy weather. One of our favourite shots from the preshot day is where Peeyush and I had to stand in the middle of the road with an umbrella in the pouring rain. The picture turned out so beautiful but it wouldn’t have been possible if Nitin and Sandeep hadn't been willing to get drenched in the rain. From having our belongings stolen by the cops, to the tripod getting hit by a bus, our day with them was made even more memorable. We were grateful for the way Nitin and Sandeep interacted with our family and friends at the wedding. They left such a great impression on all of them, that for future weddings, we already have cousins that want to hire them! Our wedding album is only a small testament to the hard work that Nitin and Sandeep put into making our wedding perfect. Each photograph is so perfectly captured, candid and full of life. After the wedding and to this day, I am able to contact them about any concerns and questions I have. It is obvious that I am a priority to them even though it has almost been 6 months since the wedding; and sitting thousands of miles away, this feeling is a blessing. We would definitely recommend Shutterink to couples who would like their memories captured so perfectly and beautifully!

Sapna, Bride, Vancouver

Like our work? Let’s get in touch by clicking here or you can opt to give us a call at +91 855 885 8017, +91 988 808 5575, OR you can email us at Shutterink is rated 10 best wedding photographers in the world  by Fearlessphotographers  and among top 25 wedding photographers in the world  by ISPWP and ‘Best of the Best of 2018‘ by Junebug weddings.