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Why should I be investing in good wedding photography?

We are glad that you asked this question however let us be very blunt with you. Truth is, if our images could not convince you for hiring us, nothing will. ūüôā¬†If we can safely assume that you liked our work but you are still contemplating if you should be¬†investing so much money in wedding memories. It all depends, how much good wedding photographs are worth to you. So ask yourself, how much is it?

Traditionally having wedding photographers is considered as a pain. We don’t deny that. However traditionally diesel cars sucked at well but they have improved drastically so much. So has¬†internet speed, technology, and pretty much everything around. We let you be yourself and do our work with little to no direction. That means you can just be yourself and enjoy your day and we continue to do our work.

How much do you think¬†wedding photographs are going to be worth to a father, who is seeing his daughter, for the last time as a his little girl. Tomorrow onwards, she will a married woman; she will be somebody’s wife. If your photography team, takes a wonderful image which captures real emotions, expressions to depict such a story. How much do you think that photograph will be worth to the father and as well as to the bride?

We love our family! Mom, dad, grandparents, nephews and nieces. ūüôā And we want our family members to stay with us, forever. Unfortunately the harsh reality is that our parents, our grand parents are not going to stay with us forever. How I wish they would! Have you lost somebody in your family? Do you have a good photograph with them? How much do you think is the worth of the photograph of you and your family with someone that you have lost?

I remember a photograph published on NatGeo, where after an earthquake a building was in rumbles. A man, lost all his family was sitting on the rumbled remains. He was completely in tears and all he could save was his family album. How much those photographs are worth to him?

I think the answer to each of these questions is just Priceless! By investing in us to document your wedding, you are not spending on something that is depreciate and loose its value over time. Those memories and those photographs are priceless and their worth increases over time. Compare it to your wedding decor. The decor of course is important because your guest’s experience matters as well. However is your wedding decor’s worth going to increase over time? Is the decor going to be a part of your families emotional memories? Compare it with food. Everybody wants to have good food during the wedding but what is the value¬†that food gives you next day of the wedding?

We as a photography team is going to be the only team, which gives you something tangible in return. Not only that, we as a photography team are going to keep interacting and working with you for months to finalize the videos and wedding album. Our taste in colors, artistic style, communication skills, professionalism is all going to shape your experience of your wedding.

This is why you need to invest in good wedding photographs; This is why, you need to invest in great wedding memories; This is why you need to invest in us!

I am interested in your couple shoot services, how much does it cost?

That’s wonderful that you believed in our work and you are interested in creating some memorable images! Your investment for our couple shoot services will be INR 60,000 for one day of photography service and INR 1,60,000 for two days of photography and video services. Please note, this pricing is for our services only. Travel, stay, logistics cost, taxes are in addition.

We believe in creating meaningful images for our couples, so don’t forget to give us to call to setup initial discussion. Let’s discuss how we can make your day memorable and as well create some beautiful images with which you can relate to.

I am interested in hiring your services for covering my wedding. How much does it cost?

We believe that every couple and every wedding has a unique story to tell. We love to talk to our couples to get as much details about them; their persona, their family and as well as the wedding celebrations. This helps us to get better understanding of your taste and whether we are a right fit for covering your wedding. This also helps to fill any possible gaps about requirements; your taste and our style of working. You see there are so many variables so our wedding collections has a general range.

For one full day (8-10 continuous hours) your investment cost for our services fall in the range of INR 2,00,000 – INR 3,50,000. As you can see, this is a very broad range. We arrive on a final pricing based on a detailed discussion with you and your family. The above pricing is inclusive of photography (both traditional and candid) and wedding cinema. However this pricing is for soft copies only. Albums are charged separately. Please see album section for details.

Do you provide album services? What are the details associated with it?

Yes, we do. We believe nothing gives you more pleasure looking at your wedding photographs than a printed album. Do you have wedding album of your parents? Do you love going through the pages, reliving their younger times? Did you and your family had a good laugh as well? The wedding album does give you some memorable moments with your family. You should always be looking at your wedding albums as a way of preserving your memories for the coming generation in your family. Preserving our history is the best legacy that we can give to the future generation.

We offer two options. Canvera album at INR 500 per sheet and our premium signature collection at INR 1000 per sheet. The minimum order for an album will be 25 sheets.

Okay, we want to hire you. What are the next step?

We are big fan of having detailed conversation about you, your family, your taste and your wedding. So the first step would be to call us and set up a time for discussion. Unfortunately the nature of our business does not allow us to block dates (without booking) for anyone. So we are either hired for you OR not hired aka dates are opened for everyone. Our booking process is relatively easier. You need to deposit booking amount to our bank account. As soon as we receive booking amount, we book the dates for you and send confirmation email and we get hired for you. Yay! Further detailed discussion start after we get hired.

Payment terms: Full payment needs to be cleared at least 30 days before the event start date.

Booking amount: We take 50% of your total investment of hiring us for your wedding coverage. This is non-refundable retaining fee.

Final payment: Pending 50% will need to be cleared 30 days before the event start date.


You take 100% advance what if you don't show up?

So essentially you want to ask what if you pay all dues and we run away with your money.¬†I think apart from a legal action, there is nothing you can do. ūüôā

However we are a professional team and we take our work and commitment very seriously. We have been in business since 2013 and have covered 70+ weddings; 100+ events in general and we have turned up every single time; before time. We have never missed an event. Of course people can fall sick; accidents do happen. However we are a team of photographers lead by Nitin, Sandeep and Vishal. So you can be rest assured that our team is more than capable to handle any such circumstances.

The bigger situation could be a natural calamity; earth quake; floods; curfew? I think you would agree that these are rarest of the cases and probably noone can be prepared for such a situation. Such situation is going to be applicable for both you and us. We always keep it open for discussion and to be taken on case by case basis.

Still have questions?


Though we could, to some extent, answer most of the questions as FAQ, we intentionally have not answered everything here. We want you to get in touch with us. We want you to call us and have a detailed discussion. Feel free to reach us through ‘Contact us‘ page and we will be happy to answer all your questions.